Pictures for Pleasure!

 For those of you who have never visited me before I wear only the very best Pantyhose and I mean the very best from Fogal of Switzerland, Gerbe from France, plus other great makes too, if pantyhose is your passion on a great pair of legs then come see what these look like on me Close up and imagine running your hands all over them!! This website is about fantasy stories with captions of the story written alongside the pictures, which no-one else does and I have been doing this nearly 14 years now. So come visit my country estate where you will get to see around the large house and grounds of 40 acres, with my smart wardobe of clothes and designer Lingerie along with my huge collection of gorgeous pantyhose come and see what I have to offer your eyes, believe me this site is different to anything you have visited before.........but remember this is NOT about full nudity, this site is about a classically elegant woman and her fantasy stories!












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