Claudine's Original website online now for 14 years concentrates  on seamed and unseamed nylon stockings. All story's are centred around Fantasy scenario's. The whole concept is to delight our Members with a very Elegant woman wearing beautiful suits and dresses and ofcourse her designer Lingerie, along with her very extensive collection of nylon stockings not bought just for the photoshoots, Claudine has been wearing nylons as one of her pleasures since she was a young woman, extensive would be an understatement she has more than 500 pairs of all colours and mainly original stockings which are vastly different in feel and look than modern nylons manufactured these days!  What is different about her sites?? Sophistication, Elegance, the luxurious surroundings of her House and grounds, her beautiful cars none of which are hired in for the photoshoots, you are stepping into her world, where your fantasies come alive through her story's! Like Classically-Elegant there is no full nudity, close, that would not be Elegant would it!

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